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The Blazer

 In the world of menswear, the name ‘blazer’ is attached to two quite distinctly different garments: the navy blue jacket that adds a touch of formality to a casual outfit; and the striped or brightly coloured jacket worn at sporting events such as rowing.  However, it is the classic navy blue double breasted jacket that we are considering here. Both garments share their sporting origins on the water. The sports blazer was the garment of choice for rowing clubs, with its bright stripes or vivid solid colours supposedly being described as ‘ablaze with colour’. The navy blue double breasted jacket has its origins in the uniforms of the Royal Navy and Britain’s merchant fleet, then spreading to navies worldwide, before...

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Flannel Trousers

A History of British Flannel Trousers (1925 - 1955) If there was one outfit that defined British menswear during the mid 20th Century, it was the casual combination of light coloured flannel trousers worn with a contrasting sports jacket. For around thirty years, starting in the mid 1920s and then declining with the arrival of ‘youth fashions’ in the 1950s, this was the look that was worn everywhere: From the promenades and beaches of the seaside resorts, to the terraces of football stadiums and everywhere in between, this fashion crossed the boundaries of age and class. It was a look that was just as popular with the average British working man as it was among Hollywood’s elite, many of whom...

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