Lloyd Johnson

Lloyd Johnson - The Original Modernist

A story of London's vintage revival

Lloyd tells a story of how London emerged as the epicentre of the vintage revival that was sweeping across Europe. From vivid accounts of the gloom that prevailed over Britain following the Second World War to the experimental and glamorous sights and style of Soho in the 1960s, he builds a picture of a fashion scene that was experiencing radical change...


Gordon Ayres

I’ll have to sit and listen to this. It brings back memories of the 1980s when I first arrived in London and discovered Kensington Market. I shopped in Johnsons often becoming spoiled for choice back then as then the original vintage began to surface in other places like Flip and American Classics in Covent Garden. "Rock-A-Cha " was a boutique across from Johnsons which I went to .. The suits were good.. and in lighter fabric so you could go out and dance . They did wider cuts of trousers.. sort of late 40s ..early 50s .. good to go with a zipper. It was a good starter when London was the era of Facebook and ID magazines.. and lots of interesting Youth Cultures outside the norm described as “Tribal Cultures” Kensington Market was amazing for Vintage shopping ..and so was Chelsea Road then—miles of allies with little shops selling all sorts of stuff . I had 2 suits , some shirts and shoes of Johnsons. Gradually I discovered other places like Camden Market which was sheer heaven on a weekend for people like us. Its funny.. I always wanted to dress like Mum and Dads generation.. and there it was again!

Simon Goodchild

Nice one Simon
Enjoyed listening to this “first”of your podcasts .

Wish that shop in Hastings still existed ….


Terry Murphy

Brilliant! Know LLoyd well and he’s the most imaginative and genuine person I ever met. Very generous too.Looking forward to part 2

Brian Hibbert

What a wonderful 45 minute podcast ! Lloyd has just taken me through my life from 13 to 20! Whether you were in London or in the Provinces all that style and fashion was instant across the country. It was the first time we all could stop dressing like our fathers and mothers! I did not need an image to follow, as the words brought back the memories immediately which only people our age will get! I am still at it!! wearing my style ( as is my wife Dilys) some from you Simon and other like minded retailers covering 20s, 30s, 40s. Can’t wait for part two!!!!!!!,

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