Corporate Social Responsibility - Our Process

Commitment to Sustainability

Obsessed with the past but always looking forward to the future, SJC is committed to its core values of sustainability, integrity & quality manufacturing. In upholding our values in the creation of our garments, we do certain things differently.


We at SJC talk a lot about timeless design, but what exactly do we mean?

Our clothing is designed with longevity in mind, in order that it will not only last the test of time through regular wear, but with a style that is not vulnerable to fast-moving fashion trends.

This makes for garments that will last through many seasons, meaning that you'll be under less pressure to regularly buy new clothes. Therefore, creating a limited run of garments in a classic and timeless style is another way for us to operate and for our customers to live sustainably.


Often this requires seeking solutions fit for a contemporary outlook. Our efforts to operate to a sustainable model have led us to procure innovative materials for the manufacture of our garments.

For example, using bamboo offers an all natural fibre that has improved biodegradability, but that also has a significantly reduced mileage. That is to say, as it is sourced within closer proximity to our factory, by time the garment has reached our customers it has travelled fewer miles. Across our tailoring ranges we have decided to feature linen. Also a natural fibre with improved biodegradability, linen is robust and breathable, ensuring superior comfort.

All uses of these natural fibres allow us to create garments that are ethical, comfortable and uncompromising in our commitment to classic style.


As we have grown, so has our ability to improve the design, experience, and sustainability of our packaging. We are in the process of transitioning (already biodegradable) to recyclable cardboard boxes, paper and tags.

UK Modern Slavery Act

SJC is committed to conducting business according to the highest ethical and legal standards. We require all vendors, factories and contractors to adhere to our Operating Guidelines which set forth our business, legal and ethical standards.

SJC operates within and supports the guidelines of the UK Modern Slavery Act of 2015, and requires all of its suppliers to prohibit the use of slave labour and to prevent practices that could contribute to human trafficking.